Closet Converted Into Office Space Photos & Ideas


Thus, what we call a WFH closet, or a cloffice, has evolved into a trend of its own. It could be as simple as two sheets of plywood affixed to each other with glue and screws. A desk is hands down the most important part of any office. If you’re transforming a coat closet, your biggest limiting factor will be the depth of the closet.

The upside to a custom built-in is that it’s the best way to optimize the small space and ensure that it’s working for your specific needs. These top 40 best closet office ideas are proof of man’s brilliance when tasked with a seemingly insurmountable conundrum. If you find yourself with a spare or unused closet, why not convert it into a serviceable office space? As trendy as it is functional, the built-in closet office can be undertaken in a number of ways, no matter the size or style of the closet. A lot of cloffice designs use a straight piece of wood to create a floating desk, but if it’s too wide, you might not be able to close your chair into the closet at the end of the day.

Wiring Your Closet Office – Get Help Online

She cut a U-shaped nook into her desktop, allowing plenty of space for the chair to be pushed in. Kayla of Chippy Charm turned a bedroom closet into a rustic cloffice (the before and after pictures are truly mind-blowing!), and we love that she didn’t just stop at one shelf. She chose to tuck items away in black document boxes, but you could easily use baskets or other organizational products.

  • Monitor mounts are incredibly affordable, and free up precious space, allowing you to spread out your notebooks and paperwork.
  • But if you do have both walk-in closets and additional closets (the dream, right?), and you don’t have an office, it could be a value-add to convert your space.
  • If your work situation suddenly moved home last year, I’m willing to bet you tried to get by without a desk at first.
  • I think accent walls are crucial to making a renovated closet feel more like a normal room.

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A Work Surface

Wood elements like a floating shelf and a bench topper completed the project. One of the easiest ways to make your teeny office space stand out is with wallpaper, as showcased in this minimalistic cloffice. Cabinets are another essential element in most closet office nooks.

It’s a great way to maximize the space you have available and create a dedicated workspace that is private and efficient. Converting a closet into an office can also help you stay organized. You can use shelves or drawers to store paperwork and supplies, as well as hang up items for easy access. Dry fit the plywood to make sure it fits in your closet (this is why I don’t paint the walls before installing the desk, it can scrape up the walls).

Work From Home: How to Convert a Closet into an Office

One such innovative solution is turning a closet into an office. If you are using your closet office as a remote office, then you will want to have at least one monitor. This will allow you to look at your web-based computer tasks, such as writing or editing. You could fit a second monitor onto the wall to save desk space or pick a smaller size monitor that takes up less space on the desk. Working with a particularly small closet with an ordinary door and don’t have a burning desire to replace it? Simply remove the door entirely and hang a little curtain rod at the top of the door frame.

Follow my blog for updates from the front lines of design. …or if you want an even lower commitment, here are some great decals. These are great to personalize kid’s rooms or to personalize their workspace.

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